Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! It is essential to enter a valid address that you often open, as we will send all communications to that account e-mail.
You can always change the address by going to “Account Information” in Control Panel.

With the same user (logging in with your username and password), you can create and purchase all the sites you want. It may however be active a single test site at a time.

Yes! If you bought the site, you can apply at any time to move the same to other users via a request to our staff. Once moved you completely lose his control.

Yes! Also as an individual you can purchase one of our packages. It is not necessary to be a company or have a VAT number to access the services offered by SitoStar.

No. The packages offered are all-inclusive, so with your subscription is included (in addition to creating a site, domain, email accounts, etc.) also access to our platform that lets you edit, update and maintain your site throughout the period you signed. If you would like to have more information about services included in our packages click on the following links: Buy Site

Yes, your billing information does not necessarily have to coincide with those of the user who created the site.

The invoice is issued within 15 days of payment and you will be sent in PDF format by e-mail in the account data. You can also view it at any time by going to the "Bills" feature found in your Control Panel. For more details go to the Bills section.

The packages offered by SitoStar are all-inclusive, so you can not separate the price of some services from the final cost. Please note that all our packages give you, included in the purchase price, the option of requiring registration of a new second level domain (eg or the transfer of one already in your possession and associated with the site created with SitoStar.

The user has the right to freely withdraw from the purchase. The withdrawal must be exercised by sending a FAX to (001)-518-618-1007. The withdrawal may also be sent by e-mail at: %%EMAILDITTA%%, provided that the cancellation is always confirmed by FAX to (001)-518-618-1007. With the withdrawal SitoStar is not required to refund the user the amount spent.

Once purchased, the site is included in our directory that is regularly scanned by the major search engines. Within a few weeks, the search engine will then visit the site and collect all the information you need to get him out from among its results.

The packages offered by SitoStar are all-inclusive, so your subscription is included (in addition to creating a site, domain, email accounts, etc.). Also access to our platform, which is necessary to modify, update and manage your site.

Currently for the e-commerce we suggest our customers to integrate into their site using PayPal payment system, which complies with all regulations of commerce. For more information please visit the following article.

There are two ways to sell our services: Multiple discounts and commissions with Resale of the Service. Only in the latter case you need to have the compulsory VAT. For more details visit the website of our "Become a Dealer" At this address you can find all the details of the two viable solutions for those who intend to resell our services or purchase more than one service SitoStar. Follow the instructions, thus completing one of two formats for the solution you found.

In this case you must choose another name for your domain. We recommend that you do not find a name too similar to the existing one.

We decided to include the domain of site acquisition, so it's a service we offer to our customers.

The domain will be active after 1/2 days.

Not all characters are accepted, there are some exceptions:
- You can not enter accented characters
- You can not use special symbols (+ . , " % /) or ($ * § ° _ @)
- The length of the name must not be less than 3 characters
- The domain can neither start nor end with a dash "-", can be used inside, between the third and fourth letter.

If you proceed to register and you got the confirmation, the domain has been registered as your request has been submitted to the authority, so you can not change the name of your domain.

No, to register a domain for the law must be of legal age.

No, to register a domain EN, FR, DE, CH, LI, PT, ES, AU must reside in a country of the European Community.

Non-profit entities that are not in possession of a VAT can register the domain if they have the act of incorporation.

Our packages are all-inclusive and you can not separate the price of any of the services we offer.
Moreover, even the eventual transfer of the domain you already own at a cost to our society and this cost is included in your package along with all other services.

No, in order to proceed with the final registration of the domain (or transfer a domain you already own) you must first have completed the purchase of one of our packages.

It is a mechanism through which a user has requested to connect to a certain Internet address is automatically redirected to a different address. As for the contract have the option to register/transfer a domain only (for each site purchased), please note that you can still register more domains through another Mantainer and ask the Redirect-DNS, so that typing the new domain you will see the Site created SitoStar.

You can register more domain-maintainer through another company such as: Register, Tophost, Aruba etc.. (Some in the Redirect is offered as an additional service) and call the Redirect-DNS, so that typing the new domain you will see the site created with SitoStar.

Submitting the site to the engines is free and must be carried out by special sections in the service centers of the various engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.).. To learn how please contact directly with them. Once reported your domain, search engines and will decide independently whether to put it in that position.

No. The final registration of the domain of second-level domain isindependent from provisional third level. For example, you can have as domain provisional and register the final domain

It is not possible. By contract we can register/transfer a single domain, but please note that you can register additional domain through another company and ask the Redirect-DNS, so that typing the new domain will appear in the site created SitoStar.

The timing of the transfer depends on the domain extension and the maintainer, so we are not able to pinpoint. To try to speed up as much as possible the timing of transfer of the domain, please be very careful in filling the request.
Because the transfer is successful, the data you enter will be completely identical to those recorded.
You can check your registration details at:
-For .IT domain:
-For .CH domain:
-All other:

Our management panel enables you to enter in each box: the text and one image. To include more pictures or files you need to do this through the HTML code of the section. For more information on how to insert an image using the HTML

If you are not happy with what you have written, you can change it easily. Just press the icon edit always located in the upper right corner of the box to be changed. The content (text, image or file) will then be changed again in the editor. If you want to delete all the content you click on an old delete and then confirm the deletion.

You can change the color of the model graph by clicking on "Graphical models".

Yes to remove it just go to "Site Settings". Here you select the "Hide title" to activate the desired option.

To link to a specific page within the site you have to use the editor. The editor has an icon depicting a link, select the text you want to make clickable and click on "Create Shortcut" (shaped like a chain) -> this will open a popup with a blank field where you enter the address of an external site or a pulldown menu with all the pages of this site -> select the page you wish to link and click Save. After saving the popup will close and you will see the selected text in the editor to become a link.

SitoStar offers for every type of package some hard drive space to edit images, files and plain text. Insert an image is very simple. Open the editor of the box and click on "Insert Image", at which point you're in Pictures Manager where you can browse and use a gallery of images made available by SitoStar or upload an image from your computer and use the site. After uploading an image you'll see a preview and a link "I choose this." After clicking on this you will be taken the last step choose where you will be asked to choose the location of the photo by text, the image size and the link to add (optional). We suggest you use if you are not a chart, the "recommended size".

You can not access our service via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). All changes should in fact be made online to make sure that all elements of the site are handled appropriately.

You can enter the html code of any banner advertising inside the box (in the editor press the "Source Code"). You then simply paste a chunk of code that the advertising service you gave to see the banner appear on the page.

The maximum weight of uploaded files via the Site Panel is 5MB.

To change the name to a page you should visit the page in question through the "Manage Pages".

To enter the VAT number at the bottom just go to the Settings section of your site available in the Site Panel In this area you'll find the "footer" where you can put the content you want.

To manually enter the HTML of a youtube video is enough (on youtube) click Share -> Code to embed. Copy the html code (this example below)

<iframe width="300" height="230" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" src="" title="YouTube video player"></iframe>

and paste it into the HTML section.


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